• May 2, 2016
  • Catagory Development

Trends in Application Development that you need to know

Custom application development is growing within companies who want more than an off-the-peg, pre-packaged solution – they want a solution designed for their specific needs, with features and functionality that will maximize value and operational efficiency for the business.

Application Development

For companies without the extensive in-house skill base, or extended budgets to hire the same, a popular response has been to engage a managed services provider with solid software application development credentials, for the time required to understand the need, design the solution and develop the application.

The results usually reveal a reduced demand on human resources and faster, more efficient, delivery of results, in the form of information, data-based conclusions and certain insights.

Some of the key benefits include streamlined business processes, user-friendly interfaces, usually a lower total cost of ownership and no ongoing fees (unlike much licensed software), and the ability to make further, customized modifications, such as adding a new feature.

Companies looking for the answer to a particular need, and need it ‘yesterday’, will often turn to existing, ready-packaged software that may cover most but not meet all of their needs, but can be implemented on a shorter timescale. In these instances, long-term benefits and efficiencies of a customized solution must be sacrificed.

For online businesses, web application development has seen the emergence of secure and efficient methods of conducting business transactions and payments, identifying market opportunities using social and online data, and marketing to existing and potential customers.

With the value and potential of conducting business online being has been loudly proclaimed in recent years, putting companies specializing in developing web apps for businesses in high demand.

As with their offline counterparts, custom web apps are designed with specific features to deliver valuable outcomes with more efficiency than alternative – usually manual – methods. This might take the form of an online survey hosted on the client website that aims to gauge interest in new product lines or services, from which strategic business and marketing decisions can be made.

In conclusion, the goal of custom application development – for internal, offline or online applications – is to help companies perform business functions and make more informed strategic decisions more effectively, in turn passing on value and efficiency to employees, customers and other stakeholders.