Bespoke Development That Gets Things Done

Many organizations have the same things in common. While it makes sense to standardize on proven software to guide your business processes, most applications need customization, if only minor tweaks to make your enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) software fully align with business needs. That’s where bespoke development comes in.

Custom Applications that Solve Business Problems

Adaptions to off-the-shelf solutions, critical performance criteria and the need to automate repetitive business processes all need some level of bespoke development. Supra ITS’ ability to deploy and manage common enterprise software applications is complemented by our expertise gained by delivering fully customized solutions.

Our custom applications are developed as a fixed-price service and create an immediate impact by streamlining process and resources. Supra ITS bespoke development capabilities extend across a wide array of platforms and technology domains:

Services Tools and Technologies
Consultation Execution of remote actions, such as remote wipe
Mobile Apps Server
Application Re-engineering Databases: Oracle, SQL, Server, MySQL
Custom Application Development Design tools: Visio, ERWIN, Rational Rose
Managed Application Services Portals (SaaS, Web, SharePoint) Operating Systems:
MS Windows 2000, Microsoft XP, MS 2003, Unix, Linux
Onsite, Offsite, Offshore Project Management Project Management: Project Central, MS Project
System Concept Development Programming: ASP /ASP.Net, C#, VB/,
Planning & Requirement Analysis ActiveX, Java, PHP, Action Script, C/C , Macro
Design & Development Web Server Application: Microsoft IIS,
Integration, Testing & Implementation Apache Web Server, Jakarta Tomcat Web Server
Operations, Management & Maintenance Support

Supra ITS is globally positioned to meet customer needs, equipped with high-level development and planning teams in Canada, the US, UK and India. We have the tools, technologies and people to build customized applications to suit every type of business, from logistics to healthcare and education to non-profits.

Customization That Creates Competitive Advantage

From planning and design to implementation, testing and deployment, and with expertise spanning Oracle, Microsoft, SAP and open source Supra ITS’s bespoke development services are a total package that delivers results.