Expand flexibility & functionality with Oracle IaaS

Cloud-based infrastructure can greatly enhance traditional on-premise applications and workloads with added functionality and flexibility. Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle IaaS) included a completely integrated portfolio of subscription-based infrastructure services so you can run any workload in a secure, enterprise-grade cloud.

But although the Oracle IaaS cloud can be managed, hosted, and supported by Oracle, smaller and medium-sized businesses may want to consider engaging an  Oracle partner to get the most from their IaaS.

Fully-managed Oracle IaaS

Supra ITS’ membership in the Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider (MSP) program validates nearly two decades of Oracle expertise at both the application and infrastructure layers. Backed by our Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, We can help you shift current on-premise applications to Oracle IaaS and quickly set up the virtual machines, storage, and networking capabilities you need to run just about any kind of workload:

  • Compute: We can rapidly provision a virtual compute environment and migrate workloads, so you can run them at scale with consistent performance, control, and visibility.
  • Storage: We make sure your data is available whenever you need it from any environment connected to the Internet with enterprise-grade storage in the secure and elastic public cloud.
  • Network: Supra ITS can configure a site-to-site VPN as well as FastConnect, a direct, high bandwidth connection between your data center and Oracle Cloud services, so you can securely extend your on-premise network to your dedicated Oracle Compute zone.

Application-Aware IaaS

Supra ITS can securely provision and manage your applications by leveraging Oracle IaaS to reduce your costs, mitigate your risks of migrating to the cloud, and alleviate many of the headaches faced by your IT staff so they can focus on more strategic, business-driven initiatives. Because we understand both the applications and infrastructure layers, we can help you get the most from your Oracle IaaS.