LAN/WAN Infrastructure Design and Deployment

Business moves fast, and the two critical ingredients in ensuring a business runs at optimal speed at all times are the people and the technology at their fingertips. Wireless Networks (WAN) and Local Area Networks (LAN) depend on the physical, wired infrastructure that a company invests in, and form critical elements of a strong, secure, high-performance business.

And while a company’s leadership is responsible for fulfilling the human aspect of an organization, Supra ITS has built an outstanding reputation for network design and deployment by leveraging exceptional technology platforms that enable clients to run at full speed, full-time. We have the team, technologies and experience to address network challenges of every scale.

Broad Yet Deep LAN and WAN Expertise

Supra ITS works with long-term technology partners and the best products available today, including Cisco, Juniper, F5, Kemp and many others to offer optimal, next-generation network deployment. We apply our standard consulting methodologies to identify precisely the best network design for every client.


Cisco Systems is a leading global designer and manufacturer of networking infrastructure, management products, offering a wide range of communication and information technology solutions. Cisco’s expertise focuses on networking between single and multi-location networks, spanning Next Generation Networks (NGN), wireless, security and collaboration, among others. As a Cisco partner for many years, Supra ITS integrates the company’s products to design, build, manage and support latest-spec solutions for LAN, WAN, mobile and cloud-based networks that answer today’s business challenges.

Juniper Networks

Silicon Valley’s Juniper Networks designs and develops high-performance networking products with an unrelenting focus on innovation. Juniper’s products are deployed in the world’s top 100 service providers, and more than 30,000 business organizations globally. Perfectly suited to Enterprise and Public Sector technology environments, Juniper’s platform systems provide flexible routing and switching solutions, while their software offerings improve network performance, security and user-experience.


Since 2006, Aerohive has established itself as a provider of adaptive, enterprise-grade network solutions for people and businesses using wireless mobile devices such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. Aerohive’s products use a Cloud-based platform, and are designed to simplify and improve business productivity while reducing deployment costs, providing a total solution that can be scaled easily, quickly, with minimum demands on IT resources.


NetScaler is an advanced web and application delivery control solution from Cisco Systems, used to securely and efficiently provide Enterprise, mobile and cloud services. Netscaler maintains optimum user experience by maximizing the availability of an organization’s data and applications, and significantly improves time to service for all types of network infrastructure, including virtual network architectures. As part of an integrated network solution, Supra ITS provides both scalable Software-based virtual appliance and high-performance hardware appliance versions.

Network Design and Deployment Expertise and Excellence

An optimal LAN or WAN designed for a business today requires consideration of what that business will need through future phases of expansion or change, and understanding the relationship between network operations and critical business applications. The knowledge and understanding to make those decisions comes largely from experience, and Supra ITS is fortunate to have built a team with those qualifications, earned over many years and successful network designed and network deployments.