Proactive Quality Assurance and Testing

Large-scale software implementations have a reputation for bugs, and unfortunately, it’s often well-deserved. Organizations end up spending a great deal of time and effort on retrofitting because testing and quality assurance was inadequate in the earlier stages of development. This is problematic for small and medium-sized organizations that often don’t have developer skills on staff.

Testing That Delivers Business Benefits

Although the journey to a quality assurance mindset is a cultural shift and takes a long time to build, Supra ITS can help customers fast track that transformation with its mature QA processes that focus more on prevention than detection. We’ve made QA the integral part of project delivery and employ testing techniques that ensure defects are nowhere to be found in the final product.

Our quality assurance and testing services include:

  • Custom applications, systems and strategy
  • Custom queries, tests and reports
  • End-user collaboration to develop real-world test simulations
  • Manage/implement system updates and upgrades
  • Mobile apps
  • Onsite, online and mobile platforms
  • Performance testing
  • Stress/load testing
  • Test automation
  • Test process consulting

Supra ITS’ team consists of consultants, quality analysts, engineers and auditors with a wealth of experience across dozens of industries. By using the latest QA and testing tools and methodologies for all platforms, from onsite to online and mobile, our customers benefit greatly from new opportunities to use emerging technologies that deliver numerous business benefits:

  • Streamlined processes that maximize ROI
  • Security of data and business information
  • Changes that meet project expectations
  • Improved efficiency of business and information processes
  • Improved product quality and reputation
  • Increased trust and customer satisfaction
  • Reduced costs for of QA and testing, and overall IT spending
  • Reduced business risk and time to market
  • Guaranteed compliance to industry and regional standards

Improved Quality Assurance and Reduced Risk

Supra ITS’ approach to quality assurance and testing has matured and been refined to produce lower administration costs, reduce risk and time to market, and improve the overall quality of service to staff and customers.