Real Expertise for a Virtual World

Virtualization and cloud computing continues to grow exponentially, and this shift in business mentality and investment is the strongest indication that ownership isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be. Hardware is expensive, needs space, maintenance and constant upgrading. Today, ownership of physical technology infrastructure is a choice, and one of the most impactful an organization will make.

Virtualization is the process of building and using a virtual instead of physical version of the hardware platform that your business operates on. A virtual machine (VM) performs in the same way as traditional desktop computers with an operating system. The software on these machines is hosted separately from the hardware, providing individuals and organizations with enormous flexibility in terms of the resources and tools they need for optimum operation.

Fully Managed Virtualization

Supra ITS provides a comprehensive suite of virtualization services that can be tailored to businesses of all sizes. The Supra ITS Elastic Cloud platform provides the capacity, performance and flexibility to support managed virtualization projects and hosted virtualized environments for global enterprise and SMBs alike.

Supra ITS invested in virtualization during its earliest days, and we deliver this experience through Managed Virtualization Solutions using VMware, Microsoft Hyper-V and other leading virtualization platforms. Unlike many out-of-the-box virtualization packages, we provide end-to-end, customized implementations of newly installed or migrated virtualized environments. This customization process provides superior fit and performance to our clients.

Our Managed Virtualization Services can be a new implementation of a virtual environment or an upgrade of an existing virtual environment. Supra ITS can integrate your IT infrastructure into our Supra Elastic Cloud, or manage your private virtual cloud at your existing data center from initial assessment of an organization’s current server infrastructure to future needs and growth projections, we analyze the results, develop and present the implementation plan, and with our certified professionals we perform the migration activities.

Virtualization offers a number of benefits:

  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • Increase application uptime
  • Extend the life of older applications
  • Go greener with reduced energy use
  • Faster server provisioning
  • Improved disaster recovery
  • Access to latest software upgrades
VMware enables IT to deliver services from any device, anytime, anywhere by virtualizing infrastructure from the data center to the cloud to mobile devices. VMware established itself as a pioneer of innovative virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions, helping organizations to streamline operations and thrive in the cloud era. As a VMware partner, Supra ITS transforms how its clients build, deploy and consume Information Technology resources, based on their ever-evolving business needs. Our team has experience and depth with all VMware products, including:
vCloud Suite:

Build an agile, efficient cloud infrastructure that integrates software-defined services, policy-based self-service provisioning, and automated management.


The world’s leading virtualization platform will consolidate servers, improve availability, enhance performance and optimize capacity.

vSphere with Operations Management:

Enjoy uncompromised control of the IT environment, with insight into IT capacity and performance data.


Transform data center operations and economics by delivering the operational model of a virtual machine for the network.

Virtual SAN

Cluster server disks to create radically simple shared storage for virtual machines, enabling a resilient, high-performance scale-out architecture that reduces TCO by as much as 50 per cent.

vSphere Storage Appliance

Transform local server storage into a shared storage resource that runs an organization’s virtualized applications.


Create software-defined storage that dramatically improves storage efficiency, utilization and productivity in vSphere environments, without requiring the purchase of additional storage hardware.

vSphere Data Protection Advanced

Comprehensive protection for virtual machines and business-critical applications is provided by this powerful new backup and recovery solution, powered by EMC Avamar.

vCenter Site Recovery Manager

Application protection with disaster recovery software that provides simple management, non-disruptive testing and fully automated site recovery.