Remedies for Ailing Healthcare Technology

Healthcare providers face many challenges in the delivery of patient care. Budget constraints, a lack of skilled people and complex regulations put a lot of pressure on technology to deliver tools that improve care. IT teams are also tasked to increase efficiencies with the latest technologies while mitigating increasing cybersecurity risks. All this needs to be done while maintaining the baseline technology that keeps facilities running.

Prescription for Managed IT

Supra ITS knows managing patient medical records and sensitive Personally Identifiable Information (PII) place added burdens on healthcare technology. Everyone involved in the delivery of care, including doctors and other professionals, hospitals, pharmacies, medical billing services and insurers all play roles in fully protecting PII.

Supra ITS provides healthcare and associated organizations with enterprise-class managed IT services guided by industry best-practices to safeguard sensitive patient information and free up healthcare IT teams to focus on innovative technology that can improve delivery care and organizational efficiencies. Our managed IT services include:

Supra ITS’ managed IT services are backed by our world class, Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, the United States and India, all of which have undergone rigorous ISO certification for security, quality and service management.

It’s Time for Your Checkup

Supra ITS’ managed IT services encompass all sources of sensitive patient information distributed throughout a provider’s environment, enabling providers and all partners in the healthcare ecosystem to deliver a high standard of care while meeting compliance requirements.