Supra ITS’ IT Infrastructure Assessment methodology delivers new efficiencies and greater productivity for businesses of all kinds, from government and multinational organizations to SMBs, while significantly reducing IT costs and demand on internal resources. Our IT audit process returns valuable time and budget back into the company, where it can be reinvested in core business activities.

We take a collaborative approach, gathering input from all of the organization’s stakeholders, while additionally performing an independent infrastructure assessment and IT audit. The current and ideal states are then established in line with the general business and IT goals. Each company is guided through the IT assessment, strategy and design phases by a Supra ITS team of certified engineers, architects and technology specialists.

Sometimes, you just need a second set of eyes or expert opinion on a current setup, vendor proposal or solution developed ‘in-house’. That’s fine with us. Supra ITS can provide scaled expertise for any or every step of the way to deliver a comprehensive and effective IT assessment.

When it’s time to reassess

Slow network speeds

Unexplained but regular Internet disconnections

Aging or obsolete hardware

Considering moving to the Cloud / Virtualization

Limited Wi-Fi capacity