Empower End Users Through Self Service

One of the key benefits of cloud computing is the ability to quickly scale up computing, networking and storage on demand to meet business requirements, whether it’s tapping a public cloud service, a managed private cloud or hybrid cloud.

But being able to quickly provision new resources for lines of business can still put pressure on IT staff that cuts into their time to work on strategic projects, so there are a lot benefits to offloading those responsibilities through a self-service platform provided by an experienced, trusted technology partner.

Provision Apps and Resources Faster

Supra ITS provides organizations with self service capabilities so they can quickly provision applications and services in their managed hybrid cloud by leveraging the robust functionality of the OpenStack-based HPE Cloud System 9, which offers a number of features and benefits:

    • Support for rapid infrastructure provisioning and cloud management of heterogeneous IT environments
    • Seamless migration of traditional applications to cloud, as well as development and deployment of cloud-native applications
    • An easy-to-use web interface gives both IT and lines of business self-service provisioning and control of resources such as virtual machines and databases as a service
    • Leverage application deployment policies to automatically ensure apps get put where you need them to be while abstracting this complexity from end users, including your developers, who are freed up to focus on adding business value
    • Connect and manage servers in your own data centre or at Supra’s Tier 3 data centres regardless of location, including the Greater Toronto area, from a central portal
    • Ability to burst out to the public cloud, including Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google as needed
    • An enterprise-grade OpenStack technology foundation that uses a vendor-neutral, open cloud architecture

Maximize IT Resources through Self Service

Supra gives organizations the power to manage all of their cloud services across public and private clouds from a single management platform and help them maximize the use of IT resources by introducing self-service capabilities that empowering lines of business and end users.