Drive Smarter Decisions with Better Analytics

Oracle Business Intelligence is one of the most commonly used tools for organizations looking to make smarter decisions. To get the most value from any business intelligence tool it makes sense to leverage the expertise of an experienced technology partner.

Oracle Business Intelligence Expertise That Goes Beyond Technology

Supra ITS helps customers effectively use Oracle Business Intelligence to draw meaningful insight from data by extending it to provide near real-time and real-time analytics. Our business intelligence expertise and portfolio of services go beyond deployment:

  • Architecture: We can architect your business intelligence and data warehouses in alignment with your data and usage practices. Our Oracle Business Intelligence practice focuses on security, scalability, reliability, and application performance. We validate your business intelligence data and make recommendations on system enhancements, so you get the most from your analytics.
  • Strategy: Supra ITS will make improvements and update business processes so that you are making the most of application capabilities and using the best analytics tools while minimizing risks and keeping to your budget.
  • Consulting: Our business intelligence services include development and ongoing maintenance of your Oracle Business Intelligence investment, including installation, configuration, design, mapping, testing, security implementation and training.
  • Migration: Supra ITS can help you deploy new tools and upgrade existing analytics applications, as well as oversee cross-platform migrations, including business objects.
  • Support: Our 24/7 customer care is backed by a global team of specialists that can provide onsite, nearshore, and offshore business intelligence support and development, including bug fixes, application alerts, security configuration migrations, and performance monitoring.

Business Intelligence That Drives Better Decision Making

Supra ITS helps you take full advantage of Oracle Business Intelligence by tailoring it to fit your organizationā€™s business needs. Use data analytics to draw insight that creates competitive advantage by leveraging our deep expertise in business intelligence tools that pulls all the pieces together.