Optimize Your Oracle Deployments

Oracle is moving all its software applications and services to the cloud. This creates possibilities for small and medium-sized businesses to do greenfield deployments, but the software giant’s existing customer base is primarily running their applications and hardware on-premise. Given the complexity of the deployments and Oracle licensing, organizations should look to an Oracle partner with expertise at both the infrastructure and application layers, whether they’re looking to migrate existing deployments to the cloud and or run their business on Oracle for the first time.

Move existing applications or start fresh

Supra ITS project management resources help our customers design a net-new build or a migration of an existing on-premise Oracle environment to the cloud. Our team of technical resources handle provisioning, migration and testing of our customers’ applications and databases. On an ongoing basis, Supra ITS leverages our monitoring, networking and server management resources to maintain the quality of service required by business users and help meet our customers’ Service Level Agreement (SLA) obligations.

Be ready for the Oracle Cloud in Canada

Supra ITS is also able to buy and host an Oracle Cloud Machine within our data centers in the Greater Toronto Area for our Oracle customers. With our networking and enterprise security capabilities already in place, we enable customers to migrate to a hybrid environment quickly with the peace of mind their data remains in Canada, both in transit and at rest. This addresses the concern of government agencies and some companies whose data cannot sit in the Oracle Public Cloud as those environments are in the United States. This positions them to migrate to the Oracle Public Cloud when it launches in Canada.

Enterprise-class Oracle deployments for SMBs

The breadth and depth of Supra ITS services provides gives us many advantages over our competitors because we can help our Oracle customers with both their applications and infrastructure requirements, ensuring they work in harmony. Supra ITS provides enterprise-class Oracle capabilities with competitive pricing that enable Canadian SMBs to be more competitive and fully leverage the benefits of Oracle applications and the public cloud.