Diverse Competencies Supporting Multiple Platforms

In alignment with our goal of remaining “public cloud neutral,” Supra ITS strives for diversity in the vendor technologies it supports, as well as disciplines. We know our customers have their preferences and choose to standardize on certain software and platforms, but also opt to take a best-of-breed approach.

Maintaining Expertise in Technologies and Disciplines

Supra ITS has invested time and resources to keep current on many enterprise software vendors and their products, as well as areas of expertise that are driving our customers’ business:

  • Oracle: Supra ITS has achieved the status of Oracle Managed Service Provider, having already been an Oracle Worldwide Gold Partner for many years. We are uniquely suited to offer Oracle services not only in the Infrastructure-as-a-Service and Platform-as-a-Service space, but also in Oracle cloud applications offerings.
  • SAP: We have a long history of helping customers with their SAP enterprise resource planning (ERP) deployments. Combined with our expertise in Business One, we are strongly positioned to help mid-size organizations get value from SAP software and services through business transformation, application management and technical services.
  • Microsoft: Supra ITS has deep expertise across many Microsoft technologies, including infrastructure and application services. We have established a Microsoft Center of Excellence with competencies spanning application development, cloud platform and infrastructure, data management and analytics, business applications, and mobility.
  • Open Source: Supra ITS sees open source software and technologies playing a critical in creating data-driven, connected organizations. We have invested heavily in developing expertise to develop and deploy solutions for customers who are committed to building out their infrastructure and applications using open source, so they can reduce their costs and realize the maximum benefits.
  • Mobility: Supra ITS begins with mobility in mind. We have developed deep competencies in the mobile space, enabling us to design and deliver both native and hybrid platform solutions. Our expertise not only encompasses employee mobility and customer-facing applications, but we also support our customers in building mobile applications for augmented reality and Internet of the Things (IoT) platforms.
  • Analytics: Our deep expertise with enterprise applications gives Supra ITS a great deal of experience working with large volumes of data and key decision makers to help organizations make decisions through effective use of analytics. Our expertise with Oracle Advance Analytics can help organizations achieve the results lot faster as Oracle provides in-database architecture for analytics.

Diverse Expertise on Tap

Supra ITS is focused on keeping on the latest technology trends so we can support the platform evolutions and trends that impact our customers, so you can allocate your resources to your core business and strategic projects. Let our expertise be your competencies on demand.