Distance Learning That Makes the Grade

Online learning increases access to education, but to be effective it needs a learning management system (LMS) to support its delivery. Whether it’s bringing the curriculum to students or tracking their progress, educational institutions at all levels need a robust LMS, but it doesn’t make sense to create one from scratch, and sometimes an off-the-shelf option doesn’t meet a school’s specific requires.

A Learning Management System for Any Student

Supra ITS has developed in-house applications to address the distance learning requirements of school boards, colleges and universities. In collaboration with a major education software vendor, we’ve helped design, develop, implement and support separate comprehensive education administrative software applications, specifically tailored for higher education and K-12 school districts.

Our learning management system for colleges include modules such as student tracking, class scheduling, financial, human resources, and alumni data. At the college level, students and faculty can view grades, transcripts, and degree evaluations online, as well as class schedules. Students can also complete financial aid applications and communicate with the financial aid office online.

Supra ITS’ K-12 package consists of student, attendance, class scheduling, grades, financial and human resources. The K-12 Student Information solution is a comprehensive student information system that combines a district wide record management system with an easy to use data entry point for teachers, counselors and principals. It allows all stakeholders access to information. Students, teachers, parents and administrators can access data in real-time to make better decision for the student, school and district.

Both learning management systems satisfy all the government-mandated reporting requirements and are highly integrated within themselves because each module share a common database. This makes it easy to maintain records on someone who applies to any college, becomes a student, graduates, and then becomes an alumnus. One of the primary distinguishing features in both application systems is their database structure, which allows for online, real time access via the web.

Graduate to a Better Learning Management System

Whether it’s taking attendance, producing a transcript or checking a budget allocation, Supra ITS has learning management system that meets the need of any college or school district. Our distance learning products have made the grade across North America, including more than 50 school districts and 20 colleges.