Feel Secure in the Supra ITS Cloud

Maintaining security, privacy and control over business critical data and intellectual property are always the chief concern for any organizations – it’s what keeps a CIO awake at night. They are looking for assurance that their private managed clouds and hybrid clouds, as well as any data or applications that pass through public cloud services, are entirely secure as well as compliant with any industry or government regulatory requirements.

An experienced technology partner who understands all facets of enterprise security can keep you ahead of any threats to your IT infrastructure, while also helping to implement the best practices and procedures to maintain control over data and meeting any and all compliance obligations.

Security Across All Clouds

Supra ITS’ focus on security spans the entire breadth of its customers’ organization. Because we are a managed IT services company and not just a partner that hosts customer data, we can integrate security from end-to-end, including your on-premise IT infrastructure, public cloud services providers and Supra’s own Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, United States and India.

Securing the fabric that interconnects every entity involved in the delivery of applications and hosting data is a top priority in Supra’s model for delivering managed private clouds and hybrid clouds. We use the same people, processes and tools used to secure your hybrid cloud to secure your corporate IT infrastructure.

Supra also understands the challenges of maintaining the tools required to secure an organization’s IT infrastructure. We offer a wide range of security options that leverage our deep expertise so that you are assured of being completely ahead of any threat to your network and data:

We Offer:

  • Cloud-based intrusion detection and 24×7 security monitoring to identify and mitigate threats so that you are alerted as soon as a vulnerability is identified
  • Security and compliance for your applications and data in any public cloud platform, including Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure
  • Our security scales as quickly as your business, whether it’s our elastic managed private cloud or hybrid cloud
  • Your web applications are safeguarded through our managed firewall delivered in a Security-as-a-Service model, which includes unified threat management features such as web filtering, advanced applications firewalls, anti-virus and anti-malware scanning, and intrusions detection / protection systems
  • Our private WAN option further secures movement of your data and business communications, guaranteeing your data remains in Canada 100 per cent of the time, whether it’s in transit or at rest
  • Redundancy is supported through our comprehensive backup and disaster recovery capabilities
Scalable Peace of Mind

Supra’s elastic private cloud model is designed with security in mind from the ground up so that we can scale up as fast your applications and data, letting you focus on your core business with peace of mind that your organization’s lifeblood is secure and compliant.

Network Security


Backup & DR


Private WAN