Has business or technology ever moved faster? The pace of change – for customers, trends, technology or corporate objectives – is at the core of many major business challenges faced by leadership teams as they look select and deploy IT services.

Just think: Security of data, assets and information, moving business targets, virtualization, new and evolving technologies, and an increasingly mobile, decentralized workforce. These represent only a few aspects of designing, developing or maintaining a robust and effective IT infrastructure for staff, customers or external partners.

Drawing from the experience of almost two decades, and hundreds of design, build, implementation and support projects across dozens of industries for clients of every type and size, we’d like to think we’ve learned a thing or two about business technology and delivering IT services.

Supra ITS Consulting Methodology

The sum of our collective experience, the understanding of today’s challenges, and the insights into the vision of tomorrow’s technology are the core ingredients packaged and formalized into the Supra ITS Consulting Methodology to audit and deliver IT services. From defining goals, deliverables and expectations to providing a detailed blueprint of a transformative IT environment, the method represents a mature, customer-centric and consultative approach to problem solving that ultimately builds, transforms and shapes better businesses.

Designed for organizations that recognize the need for external expertise and assistance with specific IT related issues or projects, Supra ITS can be engaged in a consultative capacity for a wide range of IT services:

The Supra ITS methodology comprises of 5 key, interlocking phases:


IT Infrastructure Assessment


Security Assessment


Compliance Readiness