Be Ready With a Backup and Disaster Recovery Plan

For the majority of organizations, it’s not a question of if disaster will strike, it’s a question of when, so it means having a data backup strategy and business continuity plan in place is more than just a “nice to have” – it’s essential. Think of it as an insurance plan that you hopefully never have reason to use as part of an overall cloud security strategy.

Setting up a backup and disaster recovery system as a part of a business continuity plan has a lot of moving pieces. It not only involves replicating your primary systems to make sure your business continues uninterrupted, but regular testing to double check that your backup and disaster recovery systems automatically kick in. An experienced technology partner can come in and evaluate your backup and disaster recovery needs in a comprehensive fashion.

Be Fully Redundant Across Your Environment and the Cloud

Supra ITS’s business continuity planning and service offerings span all major industry sectors: everything from online cloud backup, recovery and electronic archiving, to eDiscovery, hard disk encryption and lost data destruction solutions. Our backup and disaster recovery products and services minimize the impact of any interruption of service.

Whether you choose an onsite or cloud solution, your data will always be safe and available, backed by our Tier 3 date centres in the Greater Toronto Area, United States and India, with reports and audit logs at your fingertips via centralized administrative control. Features and benefits of Supra’s backup, disaster recovery and business continuing planning include:

  • 24×7 data protection
  • Automated backup and installation
  • Cloud backup
  • Consulting services
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Disk recovery
  • Electronic archiving
  • Hard disk encryption
  • Online access to reports and logs
  • Reduced administration
  • Remote configuration
  • Seamless mass deployment
  • Security and regulatory compliance

Eliminate Risk and Minimize Interruptions

Supra’s backup, disaster recovery and business continuity planning removes the effort and anxiety from a complex but essential business requirement. Our expertise eliminates business risk with a streamlined process and strategy that also reduces technology costs to give you complete confidence that your business operations will never be interrupted.