Supra ITS provides advanced Business Process Optimization as part of its Managed Consulting Services, working together with clients to recognize and remedy oversights and inefficiencies in existing processes. This understanding is paired with an organization’s business and technology goals, from which comprehensive or targeted solutions are designed and proposed.

With experience in dozens of industries and businesses of all sizes, a Supra ITS Business Process Optimization strategy is a great way of ‘health-checking’ a business, ensuring that operational, financial and technological efficiency can be achieved without cutting back on performance.

Taking business performance from good to great is a journey that begins by first understanding the business’s moving parts, its context, current state and ambitions. It’s a journey never truly ends, but by working together, we create agile and able organizations equipped with the tools, technology and processes needed to pursue their most aggressive goals with confidence.

Business Process Optimization is About Long-Term, Ongoing Success

Supra ITS has developed a proprietary Business Process Methodology as part of its Infrastructure Services offering, which is applied effectively to its Managed Services clients. Within a Business Process Optimization solution, this involves setting out broad and defined Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which places the emphasis of measurement equally on business performance, rather than simply technology performance. After all, what use is the best technology in the world, if it’s not designed to deliver business results, increase sales and profits?

A strong Business Process Optimization strategy makes innovation and adaptability priorities, ensuring that new processes fit within a comprehensive, company-wide plan that allows for constant systematic evolution and growth.

Why? Because we believe that what continues to move forward avoids becoming obsolete.

Vulnerability Services

Threats to network security constantly evolving, becoming more sophisticated by the day. As a result, a safe and secure network today can be exposed and exploited tomorrow.

Supra ITS’s Vulnerability Services provide ongoing consultation, assessment and management, fuelled by the latest security technologies, best practices and strategies. Our approach ensures that critical data, assets and IT infrastructure is available to the right people, and secure from unauthorized access and misuse. We search for opportunities and often complex pathways open to potential cyber-attack, and provide the necessary remediation steps to remove them.

Much to their misfortune, even some of the largest corporations in the world have demonstrated how widely damaging a successful cyber-attack can be, underlining the importance of Vulnerability testing as part of a comprehensive network and data security strategy.