Hands-on, Deskside Support from Supra ITS

Even if you’re a small organization, keeping the various desktop and laptop computers secure and in prime condition is time consuming, and if you’re a large organization, it requires a great deal of time and resources that take away from more strategic IT initiatives such as digital transformation. An experienced managed IT services provider is best equipped to keep your fleet of devices secure and in ship-shape condition.

Secure, Managed Laptop & Desktop Support

Supra ITS provides maintenance of images and user IT support across a range of end-user devices, as well as security-related tasks, as part of our Managed IT Services offering. Our mobile team of experienced staff handle on-site desktop and laptop image creation, installation, patching, anti-malware protection and remote support.

As security has become an increasingly large part of desktop and laptop management, whether it’s fighting viruses and spyware or controlling “shadow IT” – applications installed without corporate approval such as instant messaging, file sharing programs, and RSS readers – Supra ITS’ managed laptop and desktop support includes high-level security services for those devices.

Supra ITS addresses critical risks organizations face when managing desktops and laptops and offers a number of benefits

  • Our service includes anti-malware and patching as well as VPN to safeguard device and corporate network security
  • Users can get help when they need it, and power users get the support they need to get their jobs, avoiding disruptions caused by desktops and laptops not being configured correctly
  • We make sure time-consuming, necessary desktop upgrades and troubleshooting are done as efficiently as possible, combining on-site staff with remote support

Keep Your Users Productive and Your Organization Secure

If your organization is challenged with having enough personnel to manage all of your desktops or you are concerned that laptops and desktops may be a point of weakness for security threats, Supra ITS can provide you with the bench strength and the peace of mind by managing your laptops and desktops, and enabling your users to get the most from their systems in the process.