Manage and Leverage Multiple Servers
and Operating Systems

Many organizations end up with multiple operating systems on multiple servers running in their environment. Even if you are effective at reigning is server sprawl and consolidating your hardware, the reality is you’re likely to have more than one operating system based on your everyday workloads. Running multiple operating systems adds complexity, so it makes sense to leverage a technology partner who can complement your existing staff and resources.

Reliable, Cost-Effective Server Support for Windows and Linux

Supra ITS offers standards-based, professionally managed Linux and Windows systems administration and server support for customer-owned servers, whether they are physical or virtual. Our server support services include server hardening, planning, installation, configuration, security patches and updates, troubleshooting, monitoring and documentation. We also assist with implementing a data backup strategy that meets the business requirements for the customer, as well as third party application installation and configuration.

Our knowledgeable staff understand our customers’ technical environment and work with you to meet your business needs. Allowing Supra ITS to manage your server support, whether it is Windows server support or Linux server support, offers a number of features and benefits:

  • Predictable, cost-contained, predictive management of physical and virtual servers
  • Expert operating system and server support, problem resolution and patch management
  • Consistent implementation of mandated security policies
  • 24×7 IT support including system performance, monitoring, and troubleshooting
  • Data backup strategy that supports all of your servers and operating systems

Supra ITS’ operating systems services gives your applications the ability to consume various physical or virtual resources, including CPU cycles, RAM, IO and bandwidth, based on their computational needs, while monitoring for security access, efficiencies and threats.

Fully Managed Server Support

Supra ITS’ operating systems and server support removes the need to have internal staff before the necessary but routine tasks and enables them to focus on more strategic IT initiatives, giving you peace of mind any risks of business interruption caused by server downtime or operating system corruption have been effectively eliminated.