Make the Most of Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure has rapidly grown to become one of the most popular and open public cloud services, providing computing Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) that is well-suited for a broad range of applications and data, not just Microsoft offerings. As with any public cloud service, using Microsoft Azure can be more cost effective and flexible for certain applications while complementing your own IT infrastructure as part of a managed hybrid cloud. However, it does require a specific set of skills and technologies if it is to be successfully integrated into your existing environment, and that’s where an experienced technology partner can play a role.

Get Started or Expand Your Azure

Supra ITS’ experienced team can help you plan, build and run your applications and data in Microsoft Azure. If you are new to the public cloud service, we can develop and implement a custom plan for migration that aligns with your business requirements and help you effectively integrate it into your managed hybrid cloud. If you are an existing Microsoft Azure customer, Supra can help you optimize your application, compute, data and network services, and provide ongoing performance monitoring to help you make the most of your existing personnel and resources.

As part of its Microsoft Azure onboarding strategy, Supra can help you build multi-region, scalable environments. We integrate public cloud services with your IT operations so that you don’t need to acquire specialized skill sets and resources to manage your public cloud services. Our deep security and customized governance models include advanced monitoring and data policy management that adheres to your regulatory and compliance requirements.

Have A Unified View

Whether it’s data backup and storage, business analytics and databases, or data centre migrations, Supra can directly manage your Microsoft Azure workloads within your hybrid cloud. We provide a single view for all of your Microsoft infrastructure, unifying management of applications across all of your public cloud services, as well as private cloud and hybrid environments.