Every Business is an E-Commerce Business

Even if you’re not in the e-tail game, you’re probably running online transactions to provision and deliver services. An e-commerce portal can transform your business by letting customers see and buy products and services with comfort, convenience and security. But it doesn’t make sense for you do build a portal yourself—get an experienced technology partner to do it quickly and cost-effectively.

Flexible E-Commerce Portals for Any Product or Service

Supra ITS has developed a powerful and flexible online e-commerce portal for B2B and B2C companies that translates into more mobile, agile and effective business performance. It addresses the key challenges for any online store, regardless of the products and services it sells—presenting its products, features and messaging in such a way that it proves it can best satisfy the customer’s needs.

Just as important as sealing the deal is minimizing the possibility of a return. Any accessories to the product must also be easily and quickly accessible. The customer gets the complete picture so the sale is maximized, thanks to our e-commerce portal’s powerful features capabilities:

Access accounts and contact information Mobile and tablet compatible portal
Automate business processes Offline and synching capabilities for use anytime
Collaborate with customers Product Content Management
Create and track orders and inventory Real-time inventory
Customer specific profiles include discounts and pricing Service all customer types and sizes
Individual logins to customer portals Show the shipping cost, electronics recycle fee etc.
Manage orders from multiple channels Simple searching from detailed, intuitive product categories

Supra ITS’ e-commerce portal templates use a browser-based interface that give automated sales teams the power to promote, market and fulfill customer’s requirements quickly, easily and efficiently from anywhere—the office, customer location or on the road, and offer many benefits:

  • Affordable, attractive, scalable and secure
  • Improved customer interactions
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Reach your customers anywhere, at any time
  • Reduce cost of commercial operations
  • Secure, simple payment processing
  • Streamline sales process

Our e-commerce portals include collaboration tools that allow sales teams and their customers to exchange documents through secure and reliable channels, making administration fast, efficient and pain-free.

Portals for Work on the Go

The Supra ITS e-commerce portal ensures a smooth customer experience anywhere, working seamlessly on or offline, enabling you to sell products and provision services quickly so your customers get what they need realize value and keep coming back.