Evaluate and Navigate Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) enables organizations to consume shared computing, storage and other resources faster and more efficiently through an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) model. It’s a very cost effective and flexible approach when building and operating your own IT infrastructure doesn’t make sense, and it can be integrated into your hybrid cloud environment to handle specific applications and data. However, it does require expertise and technologies to successfully integrate your applications and migrate your data.

If you don’t already have the skill sets and resources in-house, it makes sense to find a technology partner with experience managing public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services so that they can be effectively integrated into your existing environment.

Integrate and Optimize

Supra ITS can help you navigate the various features and benefits of Amazon Web Services, whether you are looking to move to public cloud services for the first time or wanting to optimize your existing use. More importantly, we can help you understand how it fits into your broader managed cloud strategy.

Supra has deep expertise in managing cloud infrastructure, optimizing applications and migrating data. Based on your unique requirements, we can design and implement a cost-effective solution that leverages the strengths of Amazon Web Services in collaboration with your IT team, whether it’s migrating primary functions or setting up an on-demand disaster recovery site. Going forward, we can provide proactive monitoring, automation, and management of your Amazon Web Services environment.

As part of our overall managed cloud services, Supra integrates with your IT operations and helps you better realize the cost benefits of Amazon Web Services because you don’t need to hire specialists to handle your public cloud services. We provide an additional layer of best practices and security to proactively protect your data and anticipate threats to address all of your regulatory and compliance concerns.

Supra’s experience with Amazon Web Services includes deployment of complex, large-scale applications, e-commerce sites and high traffic media. Our application performance management capabilities ensure your customers have an optimum user experience with your services.

Go as Far as You Want

Whether you are looking to make a complete shift to Amazon Web Services, a phased migration or taking a hybrid approach that includes public cloud services, Supra can help you seamlessly transition and manage your entire technology stack, allowing you to focus on your core business.