Managed IT that puts you at the head of the class

Education is transforming in the digital world, putting increasing pressure on schools, colleges, and universities to support and evolve their technology infrastructure. In addition to adopting different models of delivery such as distance learning, institutions must meet security and compliance requirements while coping with aging infrastructure and legacy applications. A managed IT services partner can help mitigate the high capital expenditures that’s necessary for digital transformation.

Accelerating education through technology

Supra ITS offers managed IT services that helps education institutions overcome legacy cultures, budget constraints and limited talent. Our hybrid approach to managed cloud services enables them to leave behind traditional data centers and legacy applications, so they can focus on innovative ways to enable learning. At the same time, they enjoy the benefits automated risk management, compliance and security.

Supra ITS applies rapidly changing and emerging technologies to transform their education delivery methodologies and restructure distance learning offerings. Our expertise supports student learning at their own convenience, delivery of online exams, and learning management platforms for corporate entities.

Additionally, Supra ITS has developed its own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) offering so student tracking can be done at a distance with all the capabilities expected from teachers and administrators alike, including student records, tracking, achievement and attendance.

Smarter education through modern platforms

Supra ITS helps you move beyond legacy technologies so you can leverage modern cloud platforms to better deliver education. We help you adopt new delivery models while meeting any security and compliance requirements necessary to mitigate risk.