Maintaining an IT design methodology for network and infrastructure architectures capable of supporting business evolution is essential. It often involves migration and integration of applications and data in a public, hybrid or managed private cloud environment. Sometimes applications and services need to be built and deployed from scratch. All these activities can be overwhelming. An experienced technology partner can help you manage these projects with fewer headaches and risk to your business.

Project Management at All Stages

Supra ITS offer project services at each and every stage of a major IT initiative, whether it’s designing from scratch, re-architecting, migrating, or integrating everything together.

  • Design and Architecture: Supra ITS works with clients to design dynamic, agile and cost-effective IT infrastructure and networks that enable the right capabilities at the right time. Our methodology, technology architects and process consultants engage with business units to identify the real business needs, priorities, and the changing nature of business challenges to under how they impact network and infrastructure architecture.
  • Build and Deploy: We leverage our deep and wide expertise combined with our varied experienced with other customers to inform our infrastructure deployment services. We can run end-to-end deployments of private and hybrid clouds and networks, collaboration tools such as Office 365, identity and mobility management systems, and backup and disaster recovery systems.
  • Migrations: Supra ITS has the people, tools and resources in place to seamlessly manage the migration of your application and data to the cloud, including our own managed cloud services that encompass compute, storage, networking and operating systems, your private cloud or the public cloud.
  • Integration: We provide integration services that combine perfect mix of IT expertise and industry knowledge to sew together the complex technologies and changing business environments organizations are facing, whether it’s public, hybrid or managed private cloud, or our customers’ on-premise IT infrastructure.
  • Careful planning for now and the future

    Supra ITS’ project services are backed by a rigorous IT service planning and roadmapping process designed to meet our customers’ pressing, immediate challenges while helping to prepare the business for long-term scalability, flexibility and growth.