Industry-Driven Application Development

Supra ITS combines our managed IT services with strong application development smarts so we can effectively integrate infrastructure and applications for our customers. We often come across new problems and there’s no off-the-shelf software that fits the bill. That’s when we take our application development know-how and build software products delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model for the benefit of all our customers.

Software Products That Solve Problems

Supra ITS’ application development efforts have resulted in several cloud-based software products in use today by our managed IT customers in a variety of industries:

ConnectMaze: Developed to quickly and easily build our own customer portals, the ConnectMaze B2B e-commerce solution integrates with a managed service provider’s back-end system. It provides an easy, affordable platform for order management, customer management, product catalog, payments and integration with accounting and inventory.

FleetGain: Designed to meet the fleet management and scheduling challenges of our customers, FleetGain enables smarter and faster scheduling with our powerful yet easy-to-use modules. It takes a collaborative approach to scheduling by keeping track of the availability of trucks and drivers, along with delivery priority and working days.

AMSfarm: Whether it’s government relations, lobby efforts, community representation or media relations, AMSfarm helps customers with all their membership management needs, including member tracking, dues, rebates, and conference attendance, among others.

Red Apple Office: Our distance education student tracking system includes an intuitive interface and robust reporting that lets school boards track student progress. It supplies the statistics necessary for a school board to apply for government funding that’s calculated based on student participation and advancement.

Application Development and Infrastructure Are Inseparable

Supra ITS understands that infrastructure and applications are intertwined, and is committed to developing software products to solve problems for customers as they arise and delivering those solutions in a cost-effective SaaS model.