An Elastic and Secure Approach to Cloud Computing

Whether you are using public cloud services, relying on a managed private cloud or maintaining a hybrid cloud to run your organization, there are a lot of moving parts to consider as part of your overall cloud computing strategy.

An experienced technology partner can help you navigate the complexities of cloud computing so you have the right resources and expertise to understand which platforms can best solve your IT infrastructure challenges in alignment with your business goals.

Maintain Flexibility, Control and Privacy

Supra ITS has developed a private cloud model designed to save our customers a significant amount of money and administrative effort, maintenance and IT oversight. Our Private Elastic Cloud delivers a more robust set of services with greater flexibility, in a shorter period of time, than traditional computing. We can enable better agility in operating applications, while allowing customers to maintain control over the entire hybrid environment.

Supra’s dedicated hybrid cloud model uses a standard, shared management framework to give customers unparalleled visibility in their entire computing environment and service delivery. Built on the highly dynamic, available and cost-effective HP Helion platform, these computing resources are available at our customers’ data centre and at Supra’s 100 per cent Canadian-operated and physically isolated hosting environment. This maximizes your privacy and ensures data is protected without limiting your ability to scale up dynamically.

Our team has both wide and deep experience deploying production OpenStack clouds by leveraging HPE Helion Eucalyptus, which enables Supra to build private and hybrid clouds compatible with Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs. This open solution allows us to dynamically scale up or down depending on application workloads, and is ideally suited for enterprises who are looking for private cloud options, as well as offering the ability to manage Helion OpenStack, AWS and Microsoft Azure cloud from a single pane of glass.

Reduce Cost and Risk of Cloud Computing

Supra has years of practical experience serving mid-sized enterprise IT customers, so we can quickly understand your challenges and business goals. Let us deliver organizational efficiency by deploying services on demand while helping you to reduce costs and risks.