Your Network, Private and Reliable

In the era of the connected enterprise, 100 per cent network reliability is not optional. Organizations need to be able to seamlessly connect their head offices with their branch offices, as well as to their various service providers, regardless of location, including their managed cloud service providers and public cloud service providers.

Your network is a key piece of business infrastructure – all the more reason to consider an experienced technology partner who can navigate and manage your MPLS requirements to get the best diversity and reliability.

Multi-Carrier MPLS for Redundancy

Supra ITS takes networks seriously because they are the core technology infrastructure of most businesses today. Our multi-carrier MPLS network provides flexibility and redundancy with dual-carrier diversity and automatic failover at each location, regardless of connection type – fibre-optic, DSL, cable and wireless.

Supra combines multiple carriers into a best-of-breed, customized MPLS network to meet your requirements, including 100 per cent uptime with multi-carrier redundancy. With dedicated bandwidth up to GigE and 10 Gbps, our MPLS network boasts built-in Quality of Service (QoS) priority for voice and critical data applications.

Our MPLS network specialists become a part of your IT team, providing 24/7 expertise and technical support across Canada to provision, configure, customize and support your MPLS network. Supra provides constant pro-active monitoring and support with rapid response times and detailed network reports for complete visibility into your MPLS network.

One Path to Multiple Carriers

Supra customizes, manages and monitors your carriers for you, so you can focus on your core business, knowing you have the secure, reliable and fast MPLS network you require to keep your organization connected across the country without having to deal with carriers individually.