Get Oracle Right the First time

Deploying Oracle applications and databases either on-premise or in the cloud is a major investment. Done correctly, organizations enjoy a fantastic return-on-investment (ROI). However, incorrect deployments and configurations quickly become an expensive proposition that quickly reduces that ROI through lost productivity, decreased performances and added investment to troubleshoot what’s gone wrong. Having an experienced partner that can work with you from start to finish can help you get the most of your Oracle deployment and mitigate costs and risks.

Measure twice, cut once

Supra ITS’ Oracle Advisory Services help organizations avoid the risks that come with major deployments and ongoing management of Oracle applications and databases, so they can realize ROI from both a business and technical perspective.

We evaluate your IT infrastructure and determines how best to take advantage of your Oracle software. From there, Supra ITS recommends ways of reducing and avoiding costs with a roadmap that meets both your business and technical requirements. You can take advantage Supra ITS’ Oracle Advisory Services as ongoing subscription services that includes software and licensing management for your entire Oracle ecosystem to ensure continuous compliance and optimized use.

Get a full view of your Oracle investment

Supra ITS’ Oracle Advisory Services provide complete analysis of your licensing and relevant infrastructure so that you know exactly where you stand with your Oracle investment. We provide a detailed view of your licence usage, software ownership and help you plan for the future to optimize your Oracle deployments, maintain compliance and mitigate risk so you get the ROI you expect.