• November 16, 2023
  • Catagory IT automation

Make Your Security SOAR

By : Justin Folkerts

IT teams are tasked with monitoring data from so many sources, there’s risk of information overload without security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR).

A SOAR platform pulls together software designed to bolster organization’s security posture so your IT team can keep on top of all the data coming in from your various IT systems and threat intelligence platforms.

SOAR is a must-have tool in today’s dynamic digital business landscape – it allows IT teams and security analysts to be more efficient and responsive and reduces the need for human intervention.


A SOAR platform allows your security team members to prioritize their attention by collecting threat information, automating routine responses, and triaging more complex threats that pose a real danger to the organization.  

SOAR software has three core capabilities. It manages threats and vulnerabilities, responds to security incidents, and automates security operations. The goal is to collect as much data as possible and automate as much as possible by leveraging machine learning technology.

The “orchestration” in SOAR coordinates all your security and productivity tools so they can communicate – much like a conductor guides an orchestra of many different musicians. The coordination of firewalls and intrusion detection tools and streamlined security processes allows for a centralized response.

That response is automated wherever possible as to reduce the burden on your IT staff. The final response is also automated as much as possible, although SOAR provides the data necessary for people to intervene when necessary.

SOAR follows the rules

A SOAR platform knows what to do because it’s guided by a playbook which outlines your standardized response processes for security incidents – these standards allow you to prioritize your response to any threat and enables efficient collaboration. It is also integrated with your complementary security tools, including Security Information and Event Management (SIEM).

By using a SOAR platform to automate the ingestion of data and incident response as much as possible, your security team can keep pace with the onslaught threats. By leveraging machine learning, SOAR not only automates your security response, but also improves your readiness because it’s learning from historical data over time to anticipate threats before they happen.

How to start with SOAR

You can’t automate security when you don’t have in place it. If you want to fully benefit from the automation provided by a SOAR platform, you need to have the right security tools, process, and playbook already in place.

A managed service provider with a focus on security can help full flesh out your security operations, including development of workflows and a security playbook, so you can effectively implement a SOAR platform and reap the benefits that come with its automation and response capabilities.