Each company and organization has their own goals and a set of resources with which to achieve them. From Blue Chip corporations to non-profits and SMBs, Supra ITS works together with clients to deliver streamlined IT services that ensure strategies and plans are executed as well as they’re designed.

Technology alone cannot run a business, but it can empower the people and teams within it, enhance processes and turn market opportunities into results. As professional Managed Service Consultants, it is our responsibility to work together with clients to understand and define objectives, and ensure that the technologies and systems within your organization are the best choices to form an integrated business-technology strategy.

Supra ITS brings experience and expertise from a wide range of specialties to provide clear, objective insights and recommendations for your IT services. We can be engaged on a one-time, fixed-fee project basis, or as part of long-term strategic business development. We can deliver skill-specific support or engineering personnel or teams in the Greater Toronto Area to work onsite and alongside your people, or we can take full responsibility of the process through a total managed solution.

Our IT consulting as a managed service helps businesses determine which information technology products, IT services and strategies can be integrated and deployed to serve their business objectives and have the maximum impact on productivity, efficiency and effectiveness.

When determining whether improvements are needed to the infrastructure, systems, people or processes within your technology environment, a fresh set of eyes with expertise and experience is a smart investment. Many of our clients found us when they suspected business was being lost for one or more of the following reasons:

  • Business is missing growth opportunities
  • Existing technology is not aligned to business goals
  • In-house technology resources are stretched
  • Lack of Change Management experience
  • Low IT-generated cost savings
  • No integrated IT services plan in place
  • Systems or network underperforming
  • Technology purchasing is ad-hoc
  • Unaware of latest/best technologies
  • Your expertise is not technology
The Difference Is In The Delivery

We demonstrate leadership in technology consulting by employing and deploying certified professionals and teams with an ideal balance of technology and broader business experience. This translates into practical solutions and IT services plans that work on time and on budget, and deliver the results you want. You can count on Supra ITS for almost all areas of consulting and support.

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