Notch Up Your Network Security

The network is what makes cloud computing possible, whether it’s connecting to public cloud services, or moving data and applications across a managed private cloud or a hybrid cloud, but it involves a great deal of expertise and attention to detail. The larger and more complex the IT infrastructure, the more challenging it is to achieve a level of network and cloud security that ensures total control of data and complete compliance with any industry or government regulatory requirements.

Acquiring and maintaining network security for all of your IT infrastructure and cloud computing environments requires time, investment and expertise, so it makes sense to turn to an experienced technology partner make sure every base is covered.

Secure, End-to-End Network Management

Supra ITS continually invests in the latest tools and technologies that form our comprehensive network management and security service. We keep your network infrastructure under a constant microscope to monitor and analyze its performance and effectiveness while keeping a watchful eye for any potential threat or vulnerability that might place your business at risk.

Supra provide complete, secure and end-to-end management of your network management services that combines all of the essential tools, processes and components, including:

  • Both traditional and software defined networking so that our customers experience a significantly faster deployment and delivery of new services without compromising security
  • Implementation of redundant networks and WAN connections between our customers’ offices and our Tier 3 data centres guarantees burstable capacity to perform migrations, off-site disaster recovery backups and dynamically transfer loads
  • Comprehensive monitoring of your network including alert notifications, intrusion detection systems and network intrusion detection
  • Ability to remotely access any part of your network infrastructure from a single, unified management console regardless of the physical location
  • Complete support for both wired and wireless network infrastructures, and the ability to create and support secure, private wide-area networks
  • Data protection services including remote backups, encrypted end-to-end data replication services and disaster recovery-as-a-service (DRaaS)

You Run Your Business, We Secure Your Network

Keeping your network secure and stable is a key part of Supra’s elastic private cloud model. We invest in the resources and personnel to maintain this critical lifeblood of your organization. Focus on your core business knowing it is backed by a robust communications infrastructure.