Student Tracking Anywhere

Distance learning education increases access, but it also creates challenges—mainly, student tracking. How do you check their progress easily and effectively? Having provided education organizations with managed IT services for nearly two decades, Supra ITS decided to apply its application development expertise and created Red Apple Office.

Grading Distance Education Made Easy

Red Apple Office is a distance education student tracking system that is powerful yet easy to use. It combines an intuitive interface with flexible tracking and reporting to enable school boards to monitor the progress of their distance education students.

Designed with teachers and administrators in mind, Red Apple Office offers a roster-oriented management system with robust search capabilities to efficiently filter students, courses, achievements and attendance records. As a powerful data gathering tool, Red Apple Office supplies the statistics necessary for a school board to apply for government funding based on student participation and advancement.

It’s also easy to deploy—Red Apple Office is cloud-based and delivered in a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) model. Student tracking can be done at a distance the capabilities teachers and administrators expect:

Student records: Add and manage a full range of information including contact, school and registration details. Extended detail options allow for up to two parent/guardian contacts and continuous comment logging gives teachers the ability to share information about students on an ongoing basis.

Student records are filtered by course, orientation or inactive statuses and a simple search feature speeds up student selection by allowing you to search by first name, last name or student number.

Student tracking: Module completion can be tracked by selecting the appropriate module, grade and completion date, and module information can be updated for all courses by individual student or all students enrolled in a particular course simultaneously. You can review student details, comments, achievement and attendance without leaving the tracking area.

Student achievement: Regular milestones can be tracked to monitor student achievement. You can provide marks and comments for progress and reports as well as indicate whether an exam has been completed and submitted.

Student attendance: Track who “shows up” on a weekly basis by course. Attendance reports identify any student records that are past due and have not yet been marked thus allowing office staff to keep on top of the attendance process at all times.

With Red Apple Office, everything is a simple point and click process with a simple search feature speeds up student selection by allowing you to search by first name, last name or student number.

Get High Marks for Student Tracking

Supra ITS’ Red Apple Office helps teachers and administrators get top marks with student tracking to effectively measure distance education metrics.