Production Support

Supra ITS offers managed application services to customers across horizontal markets who are looking to reduce IT costs, manage non-strategic IT spend, improve business agility and ensure that IT is a contributor to the strategic goals of the organization. We offer end-to-end application management services that deliver the expertise, skills, solutions and quality you need to successfully build, run and evolve your enterprise applications.

Which customers are a good fit for Managed Application Services?

  • Significant investment in IT
  • A recognized effort to reduce IT costs
  • There is a mandate to outsource
  • Sees IT as an important contributor to achieving strategic corporate objectives
  • Business is managed with a diverse set of applications
  • Customer wants to focus their internal resources on strategic initiatives
  • Customer lacks domain expertise on the Microsoft technology platform

Ideal customers for this solution would have some of the following business needs:

  • The organization needs to cut costs in order to remain competitive
  • Applications are currently being managed in-house or by a number of service providers causing confusion, unnecessary overhead, outdated applications, and lower service levels.
  • IT is poorly aligned to the strategic needs of the business.
  • IT is lacking specific skills in-house that are needed to align to strategic goals
  • Service levels are low or inconsistent

Value Proposition

With our deep knowledge and expertise with Microsoft technologies and applications, we help clients manage their IT application environment by providing ongoing development, maintenance and support of an application, a group of applications, or an entire portfolio of applications. Our offerings include break/fix, enhancements, testing, capacity services, service level agreements as well as new application development. Application outsourcing contributes to corporate strategic objectives through the dramatic decrease in IT costs and improvement in application service levels.

Services Summary and Scope

Supra ITS offers application outsourcing services to help businesses lower IT costs, improve service levels, and make IT a significant contributor in achieving the strategic goals of the organization.

The primary elements of Managed Application Services include:

  • Provide support services for Microsoft-based applications, all customer interfaces and select third-party applications
  • Tier 2 and 3 support services
  • SLAs in a managed service environment
  • Enhancement or application development services
  • Capacity Services for application maintenance and support