The Right IT for the Right Business Challenge

Different industries have different pressures driving their IT needs including budget constraints and regulatory frameworks. Supra ITS tailors its managed IT and hybrid cloud offerings to address the specific needs of our customers. At the same time, we cross-pollinate our industry practices to apply the broad and deep knowledge from customer engagements and transfer experience from one sector to another to solve business problems with the right technology.

We Focus on Technology So You Don’t Have To

Supra ITS is in the business of IT because we know our customers need to focus on their core businesses.

  • Healthcare: Supra ITS provides healthcare and associated organizations with enterprise-class managed IT services. Guided by industry best-practices to safeguard sensitive patient information and free up healthcare IT teams, we help you leverage innovative technology, so you can improve delivery care and organizational efficiencies.
  • Real Estate: We understand that technology must support every player in the real estate ecosystem, whether it’s developers, tenants, agents, lenders or building inspectors. Our managed IT services help real estate organizations implement and manage the right software applications to streamline operations while securing sensitive information such as contracts and strategic business plans.
  • Government and Not-for-Profit: Supra ITS knows government and budget-conscious not-for-profit organizations are constrained by limited IT resources, regulatory scrutiny and aging infrastructure. Our managed IT offerings enable government departments and not-for-profit organizations to focus staff and resources on the delivery of the core mandates while providing complete access to an enterprise-classed IT infrastructure at a predictable monthly cost managed by seasoned IT professionals.
  • Education: Our managed IT services help education institutions overcome legacy cultures, budget constraints and limited talent with a hybrid approach leveraging managed cloud services. Supra ITS enables education organizations to leave behind traditional data centers and legacy applications, so they can focus on innovative ways to deliver education.
  • Manufacturing: Supra ITS leverages its experience implementing ERP for manufacturing customers to help them to transform their business to compete in an Industry 4.0 with a hybrid approach that harnesses the power of the cloud. Our broad and deep knowledge base across various manufacturing segments enables manufacturers to realign their processes, streamline IT infrastructure and optimize ERP systems.

Our Business Is IT Because Yours Isn’t

Supra ITS helps customers make the most of technology so they can streamline operations and improve their bottom line regardless of industry. We keep up with latest trends and best practices because it’s our job, while serving customers and stakeholders is yours—our managed IT and hybrid cloud means you can excel at it.