Managed IT for Any Location

Technology is transforming the real estate industry as realtors and developers seek new ways to promote, buy, sell and manage properties, whether residential or commercial. With everything going digital, firms are managing a high volume of properties spread across geographies and want to focus on their core business, not technology. That’s where a managed IT services come in.

Keeping Real Estate Mobile and Responsive

Supra ITS knows technology must support every player in the real estate ecosystem, whether it’s developers, tenants, agents, lenders and building inspectors. Our managed IT services help business implement and maintain the right software applications to streamline operations while securing sensitive information such as contracts and strategic business plans.

Our managed IT services include:

Supra ITS helps real estate organizations take advantage of mobility to address the challenges in the industry created by geography, enabling them to keep tabs on all their properties and keeping employees productive on-site rather than having to wait until they return to the office. We secure information while following Bring-Your-Own-Device (BYOD) best practices.

Technology Wherever You Need It

Supra ITS’ managed IT services helps real estate organizations keep pace with constantly changing technology so they can succeed in a completive industry. We have nearly two decades of experiencing apply technology to challenges faced by commercial and residential real estate organizations in different markets are round the world.