Reach Peak Network Performance

High performance businesses are built on robust, secure, scalable and efficient networks that match the specific needs of the company. The network consists of the servers, computers, devices and other hardware, as well as the security and software applications and the protocols and policies in place to manage them. These assets will either help or hinder business performance.

Networks contain and provide access to a company’s information and assets, enabling employees and partners to efficiently share and communicate, and ensuring the security of valuable data at all times.

Supra ITS is Serious About Networks

Network monitoring is a key element of effective IT security. As the core technology infrastructure of most modern businesses, networks need to be planned with an intimate understanding of the company and its requirements. Effective networks are implemented with seamless expertise and precision, and are managed, supported and maintained by experienced and skilled professionals.

As part of a broader network monitoring and IT security strategy, Supra ITS works with you to provide:

  • Analytics
  • Consultation
  • Cloud planning
  • Network and deployment plan
  • Onsite direction and leadership
  • Onsite/Offsite support with SLA
  • Round-the-clock remote support and network monitoring
Eliminate Downtime and Maximize Productivity

Downtime eats productivity. Productivity equals profit. When on-site networks managed by in-house IT resources fail, the reality is that it takes more time and money to get back to peak performance.

The Supra ITS Managed Support Program and its N-Central network monitoring system anticipates potential threats to your critical services and IT security, alert in our dedicated network support team. Remediation is initiated automatically and, in over 99.9 per cent of cases, clients will remain unaware of the possible issue.

It’s not just the products and recommendations we make that set us apart and above the average managed service provider, but the way we deliver. When it comes to client service, we set the bar high. We expect to impress you with a personal and high level of service and expertise. As we see it, it’s service the way it should be.

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