Managed IT for Community-Focused Organizations

Government and not-for-profit organizations face similar challenges: They have a diverse set of stakeholders, including the general public, are impacted by compliance requirements, and have limited IT budgets and infrastructure. It’s not unusual for government to outsource functions to a managed IT service provider, but they want smart, cost-effective options.

Helping Government and Not-for-Profit Focus on What Matters

Supra ITS provides managed IT services for government organization at all levels as well as budget-conscious not-for-profit organizations that generate sensitive data residing across multiple locations and systems. We understand these organizations are constrained by limited IT resources and infrastructure but need the same quality as mid-size and large enterprises.

Our IT services enable government departments and not-for-profit organizations to focus staff and resources on the delivery of their core mandates while benefitting from low upfront investment and predictable monthly expenses. We provide access to an IT infrastructure complete with hardware, applications, and security, and a fully operational off-premises environment managed by seasoned IT professionals.

Our managed IT services for government and not-for-profit organizations include:

Supra ITS’ services are backed by our world class, Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, the United States and India, all of which have undergone rigorous ISO certification for security, quality and service management.

Managed IT that Supports Public Service

Supra ITS’ managed IT for government and not-for-profit organizations recognize that not one size fits all and encompasses all sources of sensitive stakeholder information distributed throughout multiple offices and systems. We free these organizations from tedious infrastructure maintenance, so workers can focus on the activities that serve their communities and the public.