Hands-on Facilities Management

Managing all of the physical aspects of a server and equipment room takes a lot of time and resources. While often it makes sense to outsource most or all of your IT infrastructure to a third-party facility, there may be reasons an organization might still have a server and networking equipment room at their own location. Frequently, this infrastructure needs time and attention that can’t be provided by internal staff.

If you have decided you need to maintain some equipment on-premise, you might consider finding a technology partner with the facilities management experience to take on the day-to-day maintenance and supervision it needs.

Let Supra ITS Take Care of Your Data Centre

Supra ITS offers facilities management services that provide the same high level of care and attention it gives its own Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, the United States and India. Our experienced team of professionals are available 24/7 to not only take care of the ordinary tasks any data centre demands, but to handle anything out of the ordinary as part of a full suite of managed data centre offerings, regardless of size.

Supra provides end-to-end management of your IT facilities using the same industry-standard ITIL-based tools, methodologies and processes we use for our own facilities management. Let us take on the tasks we are already doing in our data centres, such as:

  • Monitoring of hardware, networking and environmental equipment
  • Setting up new infrastructure and documenting infrastructure already in place
  • Cable and racking management
  • Setting up and managing access control
  • Audits, update and change management as required
  • Identify opportunities for better energy efficiency and green IT
  • Asset management, change management and after hours support
  • Vendor management, including facilities and HVAC

Dedicated Facilities Management to Support Your Business Goals

While it may make sense for your business to have your own physical IT equipment on-site, that doesn’t mean it has to be a burden for your IT team. Let Supra take care of your facilities management so you can put your time and resources into strategic projects that are aligned with your business goals.