A Clear Path to the Oracle Cloud

Many companies considering a move to the Oracle Cloud face roadblocks that hinder the migration of applications and services because it requires a change in how the business and IT operates. The choices of cloud providers can also be overwhelming, as is deciding which applications to move. Does it make sense to lift and shift existing applications? Or should the company embrace new software? Amid all these choices and changes, IT staff become concerned about the future of their roles within the organization.


Supra ITS eliminates uncertainty by simplifying Oracle Cloud migration in partnership with Oracle. Backed by our Tier 3 world class data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, our managed IT services provide small- and mid-size enterprises with the flexibility of moving to the Oracle Cloud, whether it’s the public cloud, their own private cloud that leverages Oracle applications services, or both.

We embrace a hybrid cloud model that lends itself to supporting customers who wish take advantage of the Oracle Cloud and offers many features and benefits, including:

  • Evaluation of your current IT environment and a customized plan to lift and shift existing applications to the Oracle Cloud, or help you migrate data to new solutions in the Oracle Public Cloud, your own private cloud or a combination of both.
  • Rationalize and streamline your server deployments to reduce your overall footprint, thereby lowering the associated costs for power and cooling.
  • Rationalize existing licences for Oracle applications and well as take advantage of the cost efficiencies of an Oracle Database Appliance.

Supra ITS’ managed IT services are backed by fully-redundant facilities and ensure that your critical business data remains in Canada. This makes the Oracle Cloud ideal for those organizations looking to take advantage of Oracle applications and services while meeting the requirements of privacy legislation and industry regulation that affects business operations.

We can help redeploy your IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives that are tightly linked to competitive advantage and revenue generation.


Supra ITS’ robust managed IT services expertise combined with our world-class facilities enable you to take advantage of the Oracle Cloud in Canada. Whether it’s supporting a migration to the Oracle Public Cloud, your own private cloud or a hybrid approach, you can realize efficiencies while getting the full benefits of the Oracle platform without disruption to your business.