Accelerate Application Implementation

Traditional application implementation processes are no longer enough to keep up with the pace of business. To fully unlock the benefits of public cloud services and hybrid cloud deployment models, small and medium-sized enterprises need a technology partner who understands agile implementation and can effectively measure if they are on the right path.

Incremental Agile Implementation with the End Game in Mind

Supra ITS has developed an agile and systematic approach to application implementation aligned with business outcomes. We analyze, define and improve business processes to create a roadmap for success. Not only can Supra ITS effectively and quickly roll out enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) and other major organization-wide applications, but also add more predictability by clarifying the human and financial impact.

We know that people and business processes are just as important as the technology when it comes to effective application implementation, as well as having a complete understanding of your existing infrastructure. In addition to defining, analyzing and mapping business processes, we create a centralized repository of all IT elements, including existing software, servers, networks and routers.

By mapping everything in your organization, Supra ITS’ application implementation can ensure functionality aligns with your business processes and fully integrates with your IT infrastructure to reduce risk and maximize value.

Application Management for Continuous Improvement

Supra ITS sees application implementation as part of long-term lifecycle that must be managed holistically by always keeping business goals in mind. We make sure implementation done on time on and on budget, so you can immediately maximize the business benefits of your ERP and CRM deployments while having a long-term plan in place for management, maintenance and upgrades that support your evolving business and continuous improvement.