Supra ITS offers peace of mind in a complex world. For our customers in Enterprise, government and SMB organizations, we ensure that valuable data, assets and processes held and used by those companies remain secure and in compliance with industry and legal regulations at all times, starting with a vulnerability assessment that includes network penetration testing.

While ultimately it’s every company’s responsibility to maintain compliance, an established managed services partner not only provides the comfort of experience, technology and attention to detail that is often beyond the reach of in-house IT departments, but also helps clients focus energy and resources where it’s needed most: on core business.

Our approach our approach to vulnerability assessment is designed to help businesses thrive on a healthy foundation:

  • Road to compliance
  • Align regulatory compliance with business goals
  • Decrease & manage risk
  • Discover data/security gaps
  • Efficient proof of compliance
  • Ensure year-round compliance
  • Gain 360° industry insights
  • Minimize liability
  • Reduce cost of compliance
  • Reduce time to compliance

Network Penetration Services

It takes just a single weakness to be exploited and the network compromised. For that reason, our network penetration services are – as they must be – total and comprehensive in order to support an effective vulnerability assessment.

Supra ITS’s team of network and security engineers design custom vulnerability assessments and testing programs that examine an organization’s total IT infrastructure and identify weaknesses that can be exploited by Internet, wireless, VPN, email systems and web servers or other access points.

Where many vulnerability assessment scans are automated and standardized, our approach is designed and implemented by members of our team to provide a more rigorous and aggressive challenge to a company’s network security systems and the devices operating on it.

Wireless assessment

The purpose of Network Penetration testing involves assessing the security configurations of every server and device on the network, and identifying rogue access points within them.

Today, the most vulnerable access points tend to be found from wireless network access. For this reason, we pay particular attention to verification and configuration of wireless devices able to access the company network.