As business sectors and the technologies they use evolve, innovate and expand, so the active threats and regulations increase. For many businesses – SMBs in particular – life gets complicated. From hackers and viruses to stolen credit cards and regulatory compliance, it is every company’s responsibility to monitor and maintain awareness of each and every change, and to adapt their business practices accordingly and in good time.

Supra ITS has the breadth and depth of business experience and technology know-how to relieve companies of that burden, starting with a complete security and compliance assessment that includes network penetration testing. We remove the risk of liability, ensuring that protection against the latest security threats and compliance with industry regulations is maintained at all times, and that an organization is operationally effective.

The Compliance Challenge

Maintaining compliance across all areas of business can be an exhaustive undertaking – especially where inter-departmental communication is weak. It’s a process that diverts valuable time and resources away from the core business activities that move a business forward. Supra ITS not only delivers peace of mind in a complex world, but as part of our security and compliance assessment, hands back valuable resources to its clients.

Consultative approach

We can assess an existing Information Security Management System (ISMS), or help create one if it doesn’t exist. Our highly-trained team will deliver an on-site security and compliance assessment, design, build and deploy the best-fit.

Mature organizations benefit from established IT Security policies and procedures. With twenty years’ practical experience in building Infosec policies, training staff members, and creating procedures to support the business in conducting safe and secure transactions, we have created a security and compliancy assessment methodology that leverages a wealth of best practices, processes and recommendations that work with every type of company.

Supra ITS can help bring sanity to a compliance program. With our no-nonsense, pragmatic approach to compliance programs we can quickly provide you the necessary information and tools to successfully navigate the compliance maze.