Simplify and Secure User Access with Managed Identity Services

Most organizations today have multiple users with multiple identities on various internal and cloud services and applications that they use every day. They have also tried to establish single-sign-on (SSO) capabilities but have found it increasingly difficult with the advent of SaaS-based applications. An experience managed services provider with expertise in Managed Identity Services can streamline and secure all user access for your organization.

Identity Management On-Premise and in the Cloud

Supra ITS offers comprehensive Managed Identity Services as part of its overall Managed IT Services portfolio. As an experienced managed services provider, we can provide you with user identity authentication, authorization, access management, access reporting, access auditing, single sign-on (or reduced sign-on) services to coordinate their access to applications and systems.

Supra ITS can manage both your Active Directory, whether it’s in the cloud, on-premise or both, and synchronize between the two of them. Our customers benefit from improved central security across all cloud and on-premise systems and applications, ensuring staff have access (or are denied access) according to their roles and organizational policies.

Features and benefits of our Managed Identity Services include:

  • Single Single-On (SSO) enables users to remember only one password to authenticate and authorize them, while centrally controlling access to SaaS-based and corporate-based applications.
  • Dual-Factor Authentication provides a higher level of security over password-only systems. Text messages to cell phones can be leveraged as an additional level of security authorization beyond a simple password, especially in a world where many employees re-use passwords across systems. Dual-factor authentication ensures a user needs to know the ID, password AND possess a registered device to retrieve the second factor authentication code for entry into systems.
  • Our Online Access Reporting Tool allows senior managers to review access held by each of his/her employees or contractors and ensure that subscriptions to cloud and internal services are appropriate.
  • Our service allows user to access mobile, SaaS and Microsoft Windows-based applications using a single, strong password.
  • Our self-serve password reset service can reduce the workload on the help desk and enable users regardless of the device.
  • Central control over all apps means better accountability for subscriptions when people leave or change roles

Most organizations have users who access multiple applications that are located on and off-premise to access critical information, with high profile employees increasingly becoming targets for hacks or ransomware. If you are looking to support a strong, comprehensive strategy with Managed Identity Services, you should turn to an experienced managed services provider who can cover all of the bases and offer you peace of mind.