Manage Your Cloud Storage

Storage is a core element of any organization’s technology infrastructure, supporting reliable and fast delivery of applications and data. As enterprise data continues to grow exponentially, it leads to storage infrastructure sprawl that can become a distraction for IT organizations that want to use people and resources as strategically as possibly to meet business goals.

An experienced technology partner can help your organization put storage in its place, whether it’s in the public cloud, a managed private cloud or hybrid cloud, to make it highly available and accessible, while adding resiliency and redundancy.

Scale Your Cloud Storage Effectively

Supra ITS has a team of experienced, dedicated administrators who can provide 24/7 support for all of your storage requirements, wherever you want your data and applications to reside, backed by our Tier 3 data centres in Canada, the United States and India.

We offer a broad array of options depending on your requirements, including:

  • Migration and transition services for your data and applications
  • Deployment of tiered storage that can be applied to high transactional or I/O dependent applications
  • Private gigabit network links between data centres, including complete byte-level replication services at a SAN-to-SAN level
  • Optimized data retention and security packages at Supra’s hosting facilities, including optional encryption, as well as dedicated, non-shared storage that is fully allocated to specific customers
  • Virtual disks for Oracle databases or Windows-based clusters can also be presented and is fully supported within our hyper visors
  • Raw storage can also be presented to Oracle or Windows-based solutions or clusters to provide total flexibility and compatibility with current pre-migration configurations

A Unified Approach to Cloud Storage

Supra ITS allows organizations to have single view of all storage so they have clear visibility into where their applications and data reside. Whether it is public cloud, a managed private cloud or hybrid cloud, we can help your organization optimize your storage allocation for the best availability, reliability and price.