Many organizations are looking to move applications and data to a public, hybrid or managed private cloud environment, but these types of migrations can be more overwhelming than starting from scratch and building net-new IT infrastructure, as cloud migration must be done without any interruption to existing business operations. An experienced technology partner can you migrate efficiently without any downtime.

Seamlessly Migrate to Your Cloud of Choice

Supra ITS has the people, tools and resources in place to seamlessly manage the migration of your application and data to the cloud, whether it’s our own managed cloud services that encompass compute, storage, networking and operating systems backed up by our world class, Tier 3 data centres in the Greater Toronto Area, the United States and India, or public cloud services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure or Google.

We can migrate your organization from your current environment to:

  • Virtualized environments
  • Cloud environments
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft CRM

Supra augments your IT team for your cloud migration initiatives for application and data with backend development support, regardless of the cloud target. Once your data and applications are moved, we can provide proactive monitoring, automation and management of your cloud environment that meets your requirements for security, privacy and compliance.

Cloud Migration Without Interruption

Cloud migration is strategically desired for many organizations, but requires a great deal of time and resources so it can be done properly and efficiently without interruption to your business operations. Supra can facilitate and manage your cloud migration seamlessly so you can focus serving your own customer reliability and with confidence.