Customized Application Development Services

We call these the Difference Makers. Supra ITS drives customers forward by providing every possible application development service, from designing, building and supporting custom apps to independent QA and Testing using the latest industry technologies and tools.

We’ve developed portals and Content Management Systems (CMS) customized for sectors such as retail and logistics, and helped advance organizations by harnessing and integrating the power of the mobile technologies and empowering ever-more mobile workforces.

Talk to us about:

  1. Custom Development1

    Custom Development

    Custom Applications are business enablers and performance enhancers, developed as a fixed-price service using project methodology that creates immediate impact by streamlining process and resources.

  2. Production Support2

    Production Support

    End-to-end application management services that deliver experienced teams and technical expertise needed to successfully develop, support and advance Enterprise applications.

  3. QA & Testing3

    QA & Testing

    Are your organization’s processes, tools and methodologies effective and compliant at all times? Our approach gives decision-makers total confidence in their business, and access to new opportunities through emerging technologies.

  4. Mobile Development4

    Mobile Development

    As mobile devices become the most common access point to online data, so mobile applications are becoming the hallmark of future-facing organizations. From Enterprise-grade to B2C, Supra ITS will help you find the right approach to mobile.

  5. Portals & CMS5

    Portals & CMS

    With Cloud hosting and a SaaS, on-demand delivery model on the Microsoft Sharepoint platform, we develop custom portals that give clients access to the applications, collaborative tools, data and documents they need, when they need it.

  6. Systems Integration6

    Systems Integration

    When technology resources, workflow and operational processes and business goals align in harmony, it’s the result of well-planned and successfully executed systems integration. Supra ITS has the experience on-tap to help companies achieve it.

  7. User Experience Design7

    User Experience Design

    Business applications work well when they’re designed for the people who use them. Supra ITS ensures that an application or portal interface and experience puts the end-user first, with seamless, intuitive architecture, appearance and usability.

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