Application Services That Solve Problems

Many organizations need more than just a one-time deployment of an off-the-shelf software product or need a technology partner who can complement their in-house capabilities. That’s why Supra ITS offers a range of application services, including:

  • Implementation: Supra ITS has developed an agile and systematic approach to application implementation aligned with business outcomes. We analyze, define and improve business processes to create a roadmap that for successful application implementation. We make sure application implementation is done on time on and on budget, so you can immediately maximize the business benefits.
  • Systems Integration: The Supra ITS framework has the power and capability to unify applications, databases and legacy systems across your organization, so you can leverage your existing investments and take advantage of modern cloud applications while meeting your business-specific goals.
  • Quality Assurance and Testing: Supra ITS can help customers fast track that transformation with its mature QA processes that focuses more on prevention than detection. We’ve made QA the integral part of project delivery and employ testing techniques that ensure defects are nowhere to be found in the final product.
  • Bespoke Development: Supra ITS’ ability to deploy and manage common enterprise software applications is complemented by our customization expertise gained by delivering fully customized solutions. We can adapt off-the shelf solutions to meet critical business needs and automate business processes or build custom applications from scratch as required.
  • Production Support: We production support and managed application services to customers across vertical markets that deliver the expertise, skills, solutions and quality they need to successfully build, run and evolve their enterprise applications.

Drive Competitive Advantage with Our Application Services

Whether it’s a short-term engagement or long-term partnership, Supra ITS can provide application services that solve problems while making sure your software and systems are supporting business goals.