Data Analytics Expertise That Drives Insight
The need for data analytics came upon business quickly. It’s particularly critical for business-to-consumer companies looking to understand consumer buying patterns, behaviors and preferences. Combine exponential growth in online transactions and social media usage, small and medium-sized businesses are also looking to extract meaningful insight that wasn’t previously available to grow their business.

Analytics Optimize Business Processes

Supra ITS’ deep expertise with applications such as enterprise resource planning (ERP), business intelligence and supply chain management (SCM) means we also have a great deal of experience working with large volumes of data. We’ve worked with key business leaders to help them make decisions through effective use of analytics.

Our data-intensive application experience spans industries such as healthcare, travel and hospitality, real estate, government and not-for-profit. Supra ITS is well-positioned to meet you unique data analysis needs driven by business requirements.

Supra ITS helps customers with trend analysis across multiple dimensions such as time, geography and line of business. Our expertise with Oracle Advance Analytics can help organizations achieve the results lot faster as Oracle provides an in-database architecture. It also gives us the ability to easily deliver predictive analysis and statistical analysis to find insights within the existing business processes and build ways to optimize them.

Competitive Insight Through Analytics

Today’s organizations must be insight-driven if they are to effectively compete, regardless of industry. Supra ITS helps its small and medium-sized customers tap into large volumes of transactional data to deliver business value and support strategic short-term and long-term decision making.