The AMSfarm application allows organization representing a vast range of members work to champion the interests of constituents through government relations, lobby efforts, community representation, media relations and more.

AMSfarm is a modular system that is robust, easy to use and meets and exceeds the requirements that will be expected from a SaaS technology framework. The AMS will assist you in managing all aspects of their membership including tracking member information, dues, rebates, conference attendance and more.

The AMSfarm highlights the following features:

  • Managing account details of a single member, which would include maintaining contact and address information, dues and refunds, and communications such as a running log of inquiries.
  • Generating detailed reports for member information such as member types, incentive programs, mailing lists, event participation, dues and refunds, etc.
  • Importing member data from third party sources.
  • Online payment processing and user authentication.
  • Generating mailing list to distribute mass communications via a third party provider.
  • Limited individual tool access based on User Groups.
  • Invoicing features for selected member dues types
  • Integration with MS Dynamics.

The new application services infrastructure includes:

  • The build of a new AMS Infrastructure for OFA from grounds up with new network equipment with full redundancy and fault tolerance.
  • The build of a new application services using Microsoft .NET best practices.
  • The build of a new file and print services Infrastructure for OFA with the existing files migrated, preserving the permissions associated with the files.
  • The build of a new messaging environment with Microsoft Exchange with the existing mailboxes migrated to the new environment.
  • Robust and active knowledge transfer to the IT administrators and the stakeholders/end users.
  • Delivery of detail and in-depth manuals, documentations and reports to the customer at the completion of the project.

At the heart of the Supra ITS AMSfarm solution is the back-end member relationship management system from which all other features and modules extend.

  • Member List

  • Member Account Detail

  • User Details

Lists all Members in the system with their Status. Users can easily search and locate Member from this form. Clicking on the Row will take the user to the Individual Member’s Dashboard and from there any Task can be performed on the selected member. The status of the Member can be changed directly from this form.

Shows the Account details of the Member. The Account details comprises Personal, Membership, Important Dates and Preference set up of the Member.

Edit a user’s contact, login information and assigned permission groups. The ability to assign users to more than one group capitalizes on the flexibility of the permissions system.