Start Your Public Cloud Journey with Google

Google can be a great start for organizations wanting to leverage public cloud services so they can more strategically focus their internal IT resources and infrastructure. It makes a lot of sense to offload standard productivity apps, including email, to the public cloud, but moving files and data over to Google and making sure it is a seamless part of your workflow often requires the experience of an experienced technology partner.

Go As Far You Want

Supra ITS has an experienced team who can help you understand where Google’s public cloud services can be integrated into your existing managed private cloud or hybrid cloud, whether it’s simply taking advantage of its robust and user-friendly email for your workforce, or exploring its DevOps potential.

Let Supra help you use as much of Google’s public cloud services as makes sense to support your business goals:

    • Migrate your users from your existing email platform to Google and providing ongoing support and management
    • Set up and support your workforce on Google Apps, including word processing, presentations and spreadsheets, as well as Google Drive storage and Google Hangouts for multi-user video calling
    • Develop taxonomies to help you best organize your files and data, as well set and manage permission polices
    • Guide you through the Google Cloud Platform to see how its Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offerings, including its scalable, high performance virtual machines, might play a role in your managed private and hybrid clouds
    • Help you explore the Google App Engine as a platform for building scalable web applications and mobile back ends

Grow with Google and Supra

If you’re an enterprise exploring the potential of public cloud services, the Google Cloud Platform has a lot to offer depending on your business needs and existing IT infrastructure. Supra can provide the expertise and experience to match your goals with the appropriate Google offering.