Systems Integration

Customers’ goals will be to move the responsibility (via a secure web interface) to check the system first then call if there are truly problems before integrating systems.

A common method of transacting is to use EDI files across the Internet to mailbox providers. The two parties require file-tracking capabilities in order to reduce the need for manually tracing the status of each file, Customers will track the file while it resides on their servers, and the mailbox provider will track the file as it is sent and responded to by Suppliers.

The challenge was to develop a proof-of-concept application that could demonstrate the functionality of a singular web-based solution using Supra ITS System Integration framework.

This real-life business need is quickly addressed using Supra ITS System Integration framework. Integrating supplier information with transaction data is easily supported by Supra ITS System Integration framework. The Web service at each site seamlessly integrates both of the transaction tracking databases. The transmissions are designed to be encrypted and protected via appropriate access controls(through the use of integrated security in Active Directory).

The aggregated tracking information is presented through a Web interface that integrates with Customers’ intranet. Clients and support staff have a one-stop-shop to find information on the status of EDI documents.

Traditionally, this type of integration is complex and timely to implement. It is usually an EDI-type solution with the associated cost and complexity issues and results only in limited participation by the largest and most sophisticated customers and suppliers. This proof-of-concept demonstrates the benefits of a web services approach. Other benefits include:


Improvements (like reducing search time from 3 hours to 60 seconds) associated with significant automation and customer empowerment to search “order status”

Customer Value Add

Rolling out this as a solution for all of its customers with little incremental cost through code re-use and simplified development.

Competitive Advantage

It will further solidify Customers’ desire to enhance its competitive marketability with the Supra ITS System Integration framework.


Developing true real-time integration between applications and those of our customers. Interaction between suppliers, partners and customers will become much easier.

Enterprise Application Integration

The Supra ITS System Integration framework has the power and capability to integrate many different systems. The process of mapping a transaction from the outside world to the inside world is simplified.

Enterprise Simplification

The removal of each partner’s need to manage redundant data during collaborative efforts.